Australian Man Feared Killed By 20-foot Crocodile

crocodile011005 300x221 Australian Man Feared Killed By 20 foot Crocodile

an exceptionally large croc

By John Thomson

A man thought to have been born in the north-east is feared dead after being snatched from a riverbank by a crocodile in Australia. Vietnam War veteran Arthur Booker, 63, disappeared on Monday morning from a riverside in a Queensland national park. He is thought to have been a victim of a 20ft saltwater crocodile called Charlie.

Mr Booker went to check crab pots at 8.30am at the Endeavour River Escape campsite in North Queensland and never returned. His wife, Doris, raised the alarm at 10am and park rangers and police found his damaged watch, video recorder, and a sandal with crocodile claw marks. But despite further searches by police and emergency services there was no sign of Mr Booker. The couple, who live near Brisbane, had been on a short camping trip when he disappeared.

Mr. Booker is thought to have been born in the Banff or Macduff area and emigrated to Australia with his family when he was a boy in the early 1950s. He was a trooper with the 1st Australian Armoured Regiment and served two tours of duty in Vietnam. Police said it was “strongly suspected” that Mr. Booker had been the victim of a crocodile attack.

Further attempts are to be made to locate the body which may have been wedged by the crocodile in an underwater “larder”.


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