‘Best Job’ Winner Stung By Dangerous Jellyfish


ADELAIDE, Australia — Trouble struck paradise this week when a British man who has the "Best Job in the World" as the caretaker of a tropical Australian island was stung by a potentially lethal jellyfish. Ben Southall – who won a contest to blog for six months about life on Australia's Hamilton Island to promote tourism – wrote Tuesday that he was lucky to have survived his … [Read more...]

Australian Man Feared Killed By 20-foot Crocodile

an exceptionally large croc

By John Thomson A man thought to have been born in the north-east is feared dead after being snatched from a riverbank by a crocodile in Australia. Vietnam War veteran Arthur Booker, 63, disappeared on Monday morning from a riverside in a Queensland national park. He is thought to have been a victim of a 20ft saltwater crocodile called Charlie. Mr Booker went to check … [Read more...]