Couple Stranded 3 Days After GPS Leads Them Astray

Brown Bear

A Nevada couple letting their SUV’s navigation system guide them through the high desert of Eastern Oregon got stuck in snow for three days when the GPS unit sent them down a remote forest road.

Hiker killed in fall

lost hiker moss ledge big cottonwood canyon

“BIG COTTONWOOD CANYON — It was a tragic ending Monday in the search for a 19-year-old Herriman girl. The body of Christina Traylor was found off the Moss Ledge trail, between Solitude and the S-curve in Big Cottonwood Canyon. Searchers estimated she fell 80 to 100 feet off a ledge to the rocks below, killing [...]

Unusual Rescue

Sedated Bear needs assistance

In an unexpected turn of events (especially for this blog,) we are reporting on the story of a man who saved a 375-pound bear from drowning. Local 6 Orlando News has the scoop.

Resourceful Hiker Signals With Bra


A clever woman assisted in her own rescue by using her sports bra as a kind of signal flag. Read the CityNews account.